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If you have any questions relating to the Online Reservation Centre please call on 0207 619 5000 (Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 16:00).
Q. Is there a limit on the number of members per application?
A. There is no maximum that an application can contain, however the larger the group the more difficult it will be to find alternative seating.

Q. If my request is not successful; will my existing seats be automatically renewed?
A. Yes, although we will notify you by Email in advance.

Q. Do you have an overview of the stadium which includes the seat views?
A. Yes, please click here to get a view from any seat in the stadium. Please note this tool is purely for illustration and has no reflection on the actual availability.

Q. Can I amend/cancel my request?
A. The lead client will need to contact a member of our seat move team (0207 619 5000).

Q. I am a part of someone else's group, how do I leave that group?
A. You will need to get the lead client to contact our seat move team (0207 619 5000).

Q. I have already renewed my seat(s) for the 2018/19 season; can I still request seat relocation?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot accept your request as you have already renewed for the forthcoming season.

Q. What is the latest date to make a request for a seat change?
A. Change of seat requests need to be submitted by 4pm on Friday, June 1, 2018. To be considered, you must ensure that all the relevant paperwork is subsequently completed and submitted prior to the renewal date.

Q. I need to change my contact details, how can I do that?
A. You can amend your email address and telephone number by logging into the Online Reservation Centre (, alternatively you can contact the seat move team on (0207 619 5000).

Q. Can I come to the Emirates Stadium to view my seats?
A. Unfortunately we are unable to offer this facility, however we have a purpose built Stadium View System, which can show the view from any seat in the stadium. (Please note this tool is purely for illustration and has no reflection on the actual availability)

Q. What method of payment do you accept for seat change?
A. Arsenal Football Club can only accept the following credit/debit cards for this service: MasterCard, Visa, Delta, Maestro.

Q. When do I need to send payment?
A. Payment must be included with the renewal form.

Q. I have renewed my Season ticket, but now wish to change my seat, is that possible?
A. Unfortunately we are unable to consider any request when the renewal has been completed.

Please read the current Terms and Conditions and Stadium Ground Regulations which can be viewed here before proceeding.

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